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A Global Healthcare Company 2016

Android and iOS Mobile App (295 UI Screens, Style Guides, Specs, Assets, Annotations, QA Reviews, Sitemap, User Research Involvement)

Project Overview and Process

Samples only available in-person

Product similar to LibreLink (shown below)

Nerium 2014–2015

International, E-Commerce, and Multi-Level Marketing Website (Agile Team Environment, 50 Responsive Wireframes, 80 Responsive Visual Prototypes, Persona, Sitemap, & Flowchart Involvement)

Prototype Highlights:
Partner Site (Desktop) | Video Directions
Interactive Style Guide (All Views) 
Enrollment Home Page (Responsive)
Marketing Home Page (Responsive)
Product Details Page (Desktop)
FAQ Page (Tablet)

Project Overview and Process

PatientKey 2012–2013

Brand Creation, Logo, Mobile Web App (Strategy, Flowchart Involvement,
120 UI Screens, Personas, Storyboard), PowerPoints, and Website

Project Overview and Process

Issio Solutions 2012

Business Cards, Marketing Products, and Native App (Agile Team Environment, Flowchart Involvement, 225 UI Screens, 10 TV Screens, Annotations,
User Research, User Guides, QA Team Involvement)

Project Overview and Process

Michael S. Malone 2013

Website (Design and Development)

Various Clients 2000–2011

HTML Emails and Websites

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